From the urban bowels of Phoenix, emerged an artistic style that can only be described by using the name of the artist himself: Waynimation.

As a child exhibiting immediate artistic ability, Wayne Berg literally emerged from his mother holding a 4B pencil. No harm was caused to his mother or her exceptional womb-space, as it had yet to be sharpened.

A surprise to anyone currently exceptional enough to penetrate Wayne’s sphere of influence, many considered him a shy and introverted child whom escaped into his own compositions for hours or even days. As time passed, the infant cartoonist’s style grew edgier and darker. Thanks to high school hormones and the cynicism of the 1990’s, a loud and embittered tone seeped into Wayne’s work.  But eventually as the century turned, the attitude of his youth shifted into tone of self-respect and gratitude, which propelled his artistic endeavors into the realm of Waynimation.

Enjoy the samplings posted here for your eye-joyment, a word that Wayne himself coined (along with Waynimation, of course.) Feel free to express your opinions and interpretations of Wayne’s work, as he welcomes all constructive criticism in an attempt to grow as an artist.

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